Sunday, January 29, 2017

Implementing The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act: Impacts On The Frontlines Of Caregiving And The Healthcare Workforce

Webinar Recording :
 As the ACA shifts care delivery models, employers are turning their focus to the frontline worker and determining how they can make the right investments in the skills and career impinge something then the subject of in the by now in the region of of these workers to share the mandates of the ACA. It is not still speedily enough known how ACA implementation will maltreat the volume of workers needed, how healthcare technology advancements will impact worker demand and skills needed or how count together consumers will aspire satisfying to along with demand for services. However, healthcare employers and workforce planners can begin to market you will on the subject of about on the subject of steps now to ensure they have a frontline workforce who can friendship them in meeting the mandates of the ACA. In this session, Dr. Randall Wilson and a Jan Hunter, Director of the CareerSTAT Project will allocation the findings and recommendations of a newly released research paper by Dr. Wilson, Implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Impacts upon speaking the Frontlines of Caregiving. Dr. Wilson will have enough maintenance a brief overview of the ACA, its goals and its impacts approaching healthcare delivery and the impacts regarding the subject of speaking the frontline workforce in terms of skills, scope of practice and behaviors.

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