Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weather Rainy and Early Issues

In the morning and evening, trying to avoid sweat and staying away from the surrounding area is the best way to avoid rainy problems. Photos: File

There is also a harmful effect of many other rainy weather effects, as it causes early illness, because due to severe bleeding due to excessive discomfort in this season, problems start increasing quickly.
After rain rain, the sunny sunshine and the wind blowing around the wind affect the skin very much. The heat is generally more common due to heat, throat, pepper and eczema. So gentle, air-conditioned simple clothes can help us to be able to safeguard ourselves with the urgent problems. Similarly, the use of simple, lightweight and skin-digestive food also protects us quickly from diseases.
In the morning and evening, trying to avoid sweat and staying away from the surrounding area is the best way to avoid rainy problems. As well as home remedies, grind raw seeds and mix them with heat oil and heat them on the heat tooth, then it comes quickly. It is now fruits full of semi-trees. Semi-fruits are naturally a natural way to clean the blood permanently and prevent early diseases. These are sweet and delicious in the diet. Eat half of the fruits daily per day. Do not use spicy peppers in daily diet, do not use perfume, meat, eggs, metallurgy, sugars, beans, pulses and rice etc.

Sugar is not a disease, a combination of diseases

Drinking four times a rose, gourn, saffron, and the plants, after drinking three times a day, drinking too much benefits. Photos: File

If sugar is reviewed unrecognized, it is not the name of any disease, but it is the name of many diseases.
The general idea about sugar is that it is an attack on a man when his stomach leaves his work, but contrary, our experience, observation and research say that many other human systems in the human body With an Andrew Crane system (drainage gland system) also exists in every body with its importance, need and work. Libraries are one of the many glands in this system.
It is sufficient for other physical aspects of the glands involved in this system that it enhances hormones that are essential for human body and are directly involved in blood. Many other hormones like insulin, IQ dean, kilokka mine, testic stereoscopy, and eyewitness, thyroidides, these defects are involved in blood extravagants produced in glands.
These hormones are considered basic and essential for human health. Because of our experience, the complexity gland is the head of the irregular gland system, which is an indirect or uninterrupted role in the patient's disease. The same gland controls the functions of the human body. Therefore, due to brain pressure system, the brain system may also cause symptoms of any disease in the body.
2 tablets of fatigue hub airstrike, while eating nutritiously cooked in a cup of milk when consuming the night emissions from the brain. Fresh cow flour mixed with gram and pure honey in a gram and pure honey by frying it in the morning and after midnight, take 4 leaves of confectionary fat, pepper black 5 number, nutrients almonds and nodded 4 millisphere. Using the brain increases the performance and performance, it also gets rid of many diseases, including sugar.
Drinking four-day rose, gourn, saffron, and planting, and drinking every three times in a half cup day, causes eating too much benefits. Using a range of medical techniques from three to five weeks will start to fade. As well as exhausted Chinese and Chinese products and fruits of more sweetness such as watermelon, palm and banana etc. Avoid comfort and avoid sleeping.

Daily dangers can reduce the risk of dementia

Apart from arranges, daily use of grape and green lime prevents many mental diseases from getting involved. Photos: File

 London: A new survey has shown that eating an orange daily can reduce the risk of diminishing dysfunction by 25%.
It is clear that dementia is a combination of many mental disorders, which can easily understand the ability to understand and memorize.
Apart from this, canoe, grapes, or green lime is equally beneficial because food is a mixture of all these. Experts from Japan's Tokyo University have said that eating daily orange reduces the risk of dementia and alzheimer's, as a mixture in the fruit is found to be 'nebulatin', which also reduces memory deficiency and also reinforce it. .
Similarly, recently a report related to the British Journal of Nutrition has been published. It has been reviewed for many years of age and middle 13,000 people for many years. Those who used daily daily use of Sterrese Vegetables, grapes, orange, and lime etc., the risk of dementia and other mental illnesses were noted less than 23%.
Alzheimer's disease and dysfunctional diseases are increasing worldwide, including Pakistan. That is why today, prepare the fruit of the food for the fried fruits.

What is the hair color and the hairstyle about your personality?

A whole story is hidden in the style of hair and hairstyle. (Photo: File)

KARACHI: The colors of different women and gentlemen vary from each other, while the style of hair making is also different from hairstyles, but your personality can be estimated with hair color hair hair style.
Is.After studying thousands of people, the discovery of hair color and hairstyle style has a deep connection with individual personality, which is also very interesting. The women whose hairdresser deepens is very intelligent, but their personality is also mysterious for others. If men's hair is deeply colored, they are intelligent, but unlike women, they do not wrap their personally in the process.  Early hair coloring hair is mostly among women and like such women's adventure-they are interested in doing new experiences, which require a special degree of enthusiasm and love. That is why the health of women with headache hair is also very rare.
If you are a male and your hair color is significant, then you are an attractive man who holds a magnet for anti-gender. However, women do not understand you more intelligent. There are some people whose hairdresser starts to be light gray and white before the building. Such women and gentlemen have found that they have confidence in themselves - when they decide to think about any aspect of their lives, and after that they make a decision, with full confidence They are afraid of it and do not bring any kind of pressure to them. Those women who are already gray and white before the age of age are more mature than their physical age, perhaps because they have seen many disadvantages of life at the very least.
Pink, blue, and other shiny colors are not naturally found naturally but they are rooted in parlor / salon. If someone's hair is such a shiny color, then understand that he is an independent nature and becomes rebellious if the restrictions are applied. Women and gentlemen who have the habit of keeping small hair are proficient professionals and love for their work. They are not convinced to take long hair nails, because it is about to destroy their time and affect performance. They are serious in their work, so the hair is small.The people who are inclined to become neutral and lacidewater, are also increasingly exposed to hair whether they are male or female. They neither care about themselves nor of others; while they are also awake. If the situation becomes tough or if an unpleasant event comes, those people usually react very seriously. On the contrary, women who keep their hair stirred consider that they should look different in front of others. However, it is not necessary that he thinks about others because sometimes he can ignore his friends' needs and home times at the time of their peak. Those women who ask for a batch are generally seen, managed, balanced and responsive. Whether to decorate the house or a case of performing commerce, in such cases, these women appear as an excellent administrator. With that they also have soft temperatures and know how to work with them without making them angry.Women demanding hair demand on right or left, are very merciful and caring for others. They are not only emotional but also appreciate the feelings of others. It is very difficult to hate others for such women. Although the same thing could not be perfectly valid for men, but still demanding men's demand is a soft mood. Those women who keep their hair tied well, they wish to accept themselves in the most important position in any of their lives. They want to do any work in a way that no other one can do; and often they succeed in doing so. Such hair which is not completely straightforward, or rather stiff, but hairy, this hair is considered a symbol of great creativity, while the imagination of such hairy ladies and gentlemen would be much higher than others. Is Women talk closely, ladies and straight-handed women are more lazy.
They like to entertain and travel, but the responsibilities are very upset when they are put in place and often make mistakes.Those women who love to make their hair and handsome but complex hairstyles are the most distinct, unique and exquisite. For this purpose, they take a look at every aspect of their personality, so that they can not be discouraged. Apart from all of them. The intensity of their hair is very strong.Those who often love to be cinnamon or have very little hair on the head, the temples are very romantic. The hair whose demand is unconscious and stiff, they usually face small problems while facing similar problems.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Enjoying the best with charity

According to psychiatrist, minor charities can also give pleasure to a happy person. Photos: File

Germany: Welfare work and charity in the country has a great place, but now it has also been proved by medical research that the people who are helping and appreciate others are more delightful than others. Philip Tobbell and Erststop, a economist of University of Zurich, after a survey, said that people who care about their colleagues are more happy and satisfied than just those who think about themselves.
The Kurdish Economics, such as the Economist Economist, call this sense of warmth. Apart from this, experts also reviewed the mind-making parts that helped further understand happiness.A little generosity also symbolizes happiness Philip Tobbell says that research proves that there is happiness and happiness even if a little help is done, and it is not necessary to help someone by sacrificing their needs, but it is seen that those who do not have good wishes and wishes Are very unhappy
Experiment included 50 participants who had promised that they would pay some money in the next week. Half of them said that they would give money to somebody, while half of the people said they would spend money on their own. Those of them who had spent money on others were seen in three parts of their brain, one of which was a social attitude, second place of happiness, and third or wrong guessing part. In such a way, people with minor charity were also seen in the places of pleasure

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Abnormalities of the truncus and conus

The most frequently seen abnormality of this.region is the tetralogy of Fallot classically this cardiac abnormality is described as consisting .

1-pulmonary stenosis
2-ventrical septal defect
3-overridding aorta and
4-hypertrophy of he right.ventricle 

Hence the term tetralogy .the basic defect in the cardiac malformation is in unequal division of the conus due to an anterior displacement of the truncoconal septum.this results in a narrow right ventricular outflow region that is an infludibular stenosis and a large defect of the interventriculer septum.the aorta arises directly above the sepal defect from both ventricular cavities and the resulting high pressure on the right side causes hypertrophy of the right ventricular wall.this abnormality is regarded as the most important type of malformation Saudi cyanosis.the defect is compatible with life.
Under normal conditions the truncus and conus are divided into the aorta and pulmonary artery by the fusion and descent of the two spiral ridges if these fail to fuse and to descend toward the ventricular anoresistent truncus artetious results .in such a case the pulmonary artery arises some distances above the origin of of the undivided truncus since the ridges also participate in the fornation of the interventriculer septum the persistent truncus is always accompanied by a defective interventriculer septum the undivided truncus thus overrides both ventricles and receives blood from both sides  Some times the truncoconal septum fails to follow its normal spiral course and descends straight downward as a consequence the aorta originates from the right ventricle and the pulmonary aaertey from the left. This condition known as transposition
transpositionof the great vessels is one of the most common cardiac abnormalities . sometimes it is associated with a defect in the membranous part of the interventriculer Sept it is usually combined with an open ducts artetious.


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