Sunday, July 16, 2017

Daily dangers can reduce the risk of dementia

Apart from arranges, daily use of grape and green lime prevents many mental diseases from getting involved. Photos: File

 London: A new survey has shown that eating an orange daily can reduce the risk of diminishing dysfunction by 25%.
It is clear that dementia is a combination of many mental disorders, which can easily understand the ability to understand and memorize.
Apart from this, canoe, grapes, or green lime is equally beneficial because food is a mixture of all these. Experts from Japan's Tokyo University have said that eating daily orange reduces the risk of dementia and alzheimer's, as a mixture in the fruit is found to be 'nebulatin', which also reduces memory deficiency and also reinforce it. .
Similarly, recently a report related to the British Journal of Nutrition has been published. It has been reviewed for many years of age and middle 13,000 people for many years. Those who used daily daily use of Sterrese Vegetables, grapes, orange, and lime etc., the risk of dementia and other mental illnesses were noted less than 23%.
Alzheimer's disease and dysfunctional diseases are increasing worldwide, including Pakistan. That is why today, prepare the fruit of the food for the fried fruits.

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