Saturday, July 15, 2017

Enjoying the best with charity

According to psychiatrist, minor charities can also give pleasure to a happy person. Photos: File

Germany: Welfare work and charity in the country has a great place, but now it has also been proved by medical research that the people who are helping and appreciate others are more delightful than others. Philip Tobbell and Erststop, a economist of University of Zurich, after a survey, said that people who care about their colleagues are more happy and satisfied than just those who think about themselves.
The Kurdish Economics, such as the Economist Economist, call this sense of warmth. Apart from this, experts also reviewed the mind-making parts that helped further understand happiness.A little generosity also symbolizes happiness Philip Tobbell says that research proves that there is happiness and happiness even if a little help is done, and it is not necessary to help someone by sacrificing their needs, but it is seen that those who do not have good wishes and wishes Are very unhappy
Experiment included 50 participants who had promised that they would pay some money in the next week. Half of them said that they would give money to somebody, while half of the people said they would spend money on their own. Those of them who had spent money on others were seen in three parts of their brain, one of which was a social attitude, second place of happiness, and third or wrong guessing part. In such a way, people with minor charity were also seen in the places of pleasure

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