Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sugar is not a disease, a combination of diseases

Drinking four times a rose, gourn, saffron, and the plants, after drinking three times a day, drinking too much benefits. Photos: File

If sugar is reviewed unrecognized, it is not the name of any disease, but it is the name of many diseases.
The general idea about sugar is that it is an attack on a man when his stomach leaves his work, but contrary, our experience, observation and research say that many other human systems in the human body With an Andrew Crane system (drainage gland system) also exists in every body with its importance, need and work. Libraries are one of the many glands in this system.
It is sufficient for other physical aspects of the glands involved in this system that it enhances hormones that are essential for human body and are directly involved in blood. Many other hormones like insulin, IQ dean, kilokka mine, testic stereoscopy, and eyewitness, thyroidides, these defects are involved in blood extravagants produced in glands.
These hormones are considered basic and essential for human health. Because of our experience, the complexity gland is the head of the irregular gland system, which is an indirect or uninterrupted role in the patient's disease. The same gland controls the functions of the human body. Therefore, due to brain pressure system, the brain system may also cause symptoms of any disease in the body.
2 tablets of fatigue hub airstrike, while eating nutritiously cooked in a cup of milk when consuming the night emissions from the brain. Fresh cow flour mixed with gram and pure honey in a gram and pure honey by frying it in the morning and after midnight, take 4 leaves of confectionary fat, pepper black 5 number, nutrients almonds and nodded 4 millisphere. Using the brain increases the performance and performance, it also gets rid of many diseases, including sugar.
Drinking four-day rose, gourn, saffron, and planting, and drinking every three times in a half cup day, causes eating too much benefits. Using a range of medical techniques from three to five weeks will start to fade. As well as exhausted Chinese and Chinese products and fruits of more sweetness such as watermelon, palm and banana etc. Avoid comfort and avoid sleeping.

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