Friday, August 31, 2018

Things You Should Check When Buying Oral Flea Medications For Your Furry Friend

Flea infestations are very common in cats and dogs and when they are left untreated, they not only pose dangers to your furry pet but also for the entire household. Topical applications have for the longest time stood as the appropriate options of dealing with the infestations and preventing them as well. However, oral medications for fleas have gained popularity because of how effective they are in treating and preventing infestations.
They are more effective probably because they work from the inside out ensuring that all fleas even those hiding deep in the furs are eliminated. Apart from being effective in dealing with the infestations, the oral medications are not as messy as the topical ones making them convenient and safer too. There are lots of brands of the oral tablets, pills and capsules, but when you know what to check it should be easy to make a decision and choose a brand that is top quality.
Effectiveness - Even though most of the oral medications are effective in killing the fleas, they do not work the same. A fast working medication is good in giving your pet relief and getting rid of the infestations fast before it starts posing problems. Some are so effective that you will start seeing results in as few as thirty minutes and one dose can last up to a day. You may of course need to keep up with the dosage for a few days for complete elimination, but a rapidly acting medication is best.
Suitability - The infestations are not limited to adult dogs and cats; even puppies and kittens can suffer. Find out whether the medication you are about to buy is suitable for the little ones. Of course kittens and puppies that are just a couple of weeks old should not be given the medications, but oral tablets or capsules that are suitable even for older puppies and kittens are best. It is also better to choose medication suitable for both cats and dogs because then it means you can get all the medication you need once and from same brand with no worries and hassles.
Flavor - The last thing you want is to be stuck with oral tablets that are compelling in terms of taste because then it will be hard to administer to the pets. It is better to select a medication whose flavor the cats and dogs find tasty. There are very good capsules in the market that are meat flavored so your pets do not even realize they are taking medications. Choose oral medications, your pet will love to have.
Side effects - Whereas minimal side effects that subside after a short period of time may be quite normal, it is important to be wary of medications that have a long list of possible side effects because they may not be as safe for your pets. It is best to be informed about what side effects are normal and which ones are dangerous and require medical attention.

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